• VIDAS Galectin-3

VIDAS® Galectin-3

Aid in risk stratification of Heart Failure patients

VIDAS® Galectin-3 is used as an aid in assessing the prognosis of patients diagnosed with chronic heart failure.

  • First automated Galectin-3 assay
  • Helps predict hospital re-admissions and mortality risk
  • Enables optimized and personalized patient care
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VIDAS® Galectin-3 is an automated test that quantitatively measures galectin-3 in human serum or plasma using the ELFA (Enzyme-Linked Fluorescent Assay) technique. It is useful as an aid in risk stratification of patients with chronic heart failure (HF). Knowledge of a higher risk for adverse outcomes can help clinicians make the best decisions regarding individual patient management and aggressiveness of therapy.

An innovative biomarker to manage Heart Failure patients

The management of patients with heart failure continues to be a challenge, largely due to the fact that we are dealing with a complex and heterogeneous syndrome which calls for a personalized approach.

Recent studies have shown that there is a distinctly different and progressive form of heart failure associated with elevated blood levels of galectin-3 (1-3). Galectin-3 is a mediator of cardiac fibrogenesis, which leads to development and worsening of heart failure (4).



Measurement of galectin-3 can help better phenotype chronic heart failure patients and identify those with a 2 to 3 times increased risk of re-hospitalization or mortality (1-3) .





As a biomarker of myocardial fibrosis, galectin-3 is recommended for additive risk stratification in patients hospitalized with acute decompensated HF as well as in ambulatory patients with chronic stable HF (5).

Knowing the level of galectin-3, as a surrogate for the extent of fibrosis, can assist in optimization of patient management and selection of the appropriate aggressiveness in treatment options:


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Galectin-3 levels & associated risks
Algorithm adapted from McCullough et al. (6)


Test benefits

  • Automated and easy-to-use platform
  • Ready-to-use reagents
  • Rapid result: 20 minutes
  • Cost-effectiveness:
    • Single-test format
    • Limited calibrations and controls (only once a month)
  • Protocol compatibility with VIDAS® B.R.A.H.M.S PCT, VIDAS® NT-proBNP and VIDAS® Troponin I Ultra
  • Well demonstrated clinical cut-offs and analytical performances*
  • Long shelf life: 12 months

* See package insert for performance details



(1.)Lok DJ, Van Der Meer P, de la Porte PW, et al. Prognostic value of galectin-3, a novel marker of fibrosis, in patients with chronic heart failure: data from the DEAL-HF study. Clin Res Cardiol. 2010;99:323-8.

(2.)de Boer RA, Lok DJ, Jaarsma T, et al. Predictive value of plasma galectin-3 levels in heart failure with reduced and preserved ejection fraction. Ann Med. 2011;43:60-8.

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(6.)McCullough PA, Olobatoke A, Vanhecke TE. Galectin-3: a novel blood test for the evaluation and management of patients with heart failure. Rev Cardiovasc Med. 2011;12:200-10.


Technical specifications for VIDAS® Galectin-3
Reference 411191
Tests / kit 60
Time to result 20 minutes
Decisional cut-offs ≤ 17.8 ng/mL “Low risk”
17.8 – 25.9 ng/mL “Intermediate risk”
> 25.9 ng/mL “High risk”
Sample type Plasma or serum
Sample volume 200 µL
Calibration frequency 28 days
Shelf life 12 months

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