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Welcome to the first installment of the bioMérieux ID/AST newsletter! 

We don’t need to tell you: Antimicrobial resistance is a rising and critical health concern. The fight against resistance requires small steps and big action from international strategy development to the patient bedside. 

The role of the microbiology lab – rapid, reliable identification of pathogens and antimicrobial susceptibility testing – is an important piece. And we at bioMérieux consider it our job to 
help you.

In this newsletter:

  • VITEK® 2 software update makes lab workflow smoother than ever
  • VITEK® MS: First MALDI-TOF system with IVD-CE marked identification of mycobacteria, Nocardia & moulds
  • What is a “Real” or “True” MIC – and does VITEK® 2 provide it?
  • New ETEST® C/T 256: MIC determination helps optimize therapy for serious infections
  • Free offer: VITEK® 2 Advanced Expert System online training

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